T.R.D. - Delphi Technique, etc.

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T.R.D. - Delphi Technique, etc.

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This is one of my earlier video versions of podcasts, titled T.R.D. - Delphi Technique, etc. I think this is one of my very good webisodes from last year, in which I read a chapter from the book I have, titled "Educating for the New World Order" by Beverly K. Eakman. This chapter is about change agents and the Delphi Technique. VERY informative book! Eye-opening and at times overwhelming. (Your best shot at getting a copy of it is buying online. Try Amazon, or Ebay maybe. I the books sub-forum, I will describe further and provide the summary.)

There's more I explain afterwards, about Bill Gates (That Slimy Billionaire) who was a main investor towards Common Core (Rotten Core), to Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood (in which is actually Planned Eugenics). Then, there's a bit about Bill Gates' dad being a former leader in Planned Eugenics. I also briefly mention Hillary Clinton (the Wicked Witch of the Left) who won a Sanger Award.

There are links I inserted into the video's description box for people to look at to verify information I explained.

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